July 23, 2020

"Excellent customer service, picked us up from the days inn and brought us to get the vehicle."
April 9, 2020

"Let me tell you about JTS Wreckers we had broke down on N2100 highway it was about after 11 I had called about 2-4 towing company who really wasn't trying to help but when i called JTS Wreckers thw gentleman that answerd the phone had a good understanding he helped us to ping are location we was on the phone for about 20-25mins helping to get are location and the person i was speacking with on the phone was the gentleman that came had told use that he would be there in 35mins and thats exactly what he hw said 35mins he got to us he towed are 2007 Yukon he put that on the truck plus we had are camper and he hooked that to his tow truck then he asked us did we need a RV parking we told him yes and he said he know a couple so he towed us ths the RV parking which there was 2 of them next to eachother so are 2007 had to have a new rear end put in it but when we got there both RV parks was close and let me tell you how alsome this tow guy was he let us park are trailer on they towing lot/repair he told us that he never let anyone sleep on his property we was the first JTS Wreckers had the most helpful staff workings he always fixed are 2007 Yukon let me tell you again we had are 4kids ,3dogs you couldn't ask for a better tow company JTS Wreckers took care of us if we was like one of them family members they let us use they electrics for are trailer it took them one business day to get are 2007 Yukon ready they was done around 10:30pm or 10:40pm are truck was ready my husband and I got a hour sleep and we headed out at 1am let me tell you they tow yard/repair shop was literally up the street from the RV parks if ever need a towing or car repair JTS Wreckers is the place to call JTS Wreckers have 5 stars and a 10+ with are family..- thank you so much JTS Wreckers for the love you showed us and this come from a happy happy happy customers."